China’s first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive put into operatio

FORM: 18/11/2021 Browse number:228

Recently, China’s first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive, jointly built by CRRC Datong and State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), was put into operation in the Jinzhou-Baiyinhua Railway in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The locomotive finished development in February this year and achieved 100% localization from core power to main parts and components. The locomotive’s designed speed reaches 80km/h, and can operate continuously for 24.5 hours with a full load of hydrogen, with a traction load of up to 5000 tons. It will be used in the shunting, fetching and delivering operation of the Jinzhou-Baiyinhua Railway.

The locomotive’s input energy is hydrogen, and its discharge is water, thus generating zero pollution and zero emission. According to calculation, compared with diesel locomotives, the hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive reduces carbon emission by about 80kg for every 10000 tons/km. After all the main lines of the Jinzhou-Baiyinhua Railway adopt this locomotive, about 96000 tons of carbon emission can be reduced every year, equaling to planting over 6 million trees. In addition, there is no need to change the basic railway conditions or to erect extra power grid, consequently the application and maintenance costs will be lower compared with traditional electric locomotives, so it has good market potential.