Autonomous coach made by CRRC starts road condition demonstration operation in Paris

FORM: 19/10/2021 Browse number:161

Recently, the autonomous coach manufactured by CRRC Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. started its road condition demonstration operation in Paris of France, attracting the attention of Chinese and foreign media.

As the first 12-meter autonomous coach in France, the vehicle passed road tests in Paris in early 2021. French operator RATP conducted the first open road bus line road condition test in the local Line 393 for a return trip of 12km. Over 100 people, including RATP’s president, local officials and residents, jointly witnessed the test and participated in the test ride.

Roads in France feature many one-way single lanes, bends, dense signal lights and complicated road conditions, which demand a high level of autonomous driving technology precision. CRRC’s 12-meter electrical autonomous coach carries the upgraded “T-Power” that is complemented by the intelligent connected V2X technology, and can offer real-time, dynamic interaction of information relating to people, vehicles and roads, ensuring traffic safety and increasing traffic efficiency.